Monday, 10 August 2015

Cargo Ship Revisited…………..

A couple of years ago I built the T030 Cargo Ship from Scalescenes. It was quite a challenging build for me at the time, as I hadn’t been building models for long. I built it over quite a long period , as it was quite a technical build. There were a few little hiccups along the way, although I was quite pleased with my results. As I wasn’t blogging at the time, so I didn’t share the building process with you, I only showed the finished result. So, I’ve decided to build a second one and take you through the build process along the way. Don’t be put off having a go building this kit, if you take your time, follow the instructions, read twice, cut once, just like with any Scalescenes kit, you will be pleased with the result.

So here we go. The laying of the keel. The bow and the stern are of very similar construction, save that the stern has a small cabin with detail. It’s really not rocket science. A to A, B to B………. you get the picture.

IMG_2528      IMG_2527

IMG_2526      IMG_2522

The stern and bow are joined by the hold sections. And thanks to the way Scalescenes kits join together, sections no longer in length than an A4 sheet of paper create a ship that is verging on 600mm in length.


The holds are built in a box form.

IMG_2533      IMG_2534

 IMG_2541      IMG_2540

I do like to touch up any raw edges of card with my pens. These details may never be seen but, I like to think just in case they are seen, it’s best to cover them up.

IMG_2538      IMG_2544

Two of these holds made up and fixed into place on the base, then the addition of the decks, the structure is becoming very rigid.

IMG_2545      IMG_2546

IMG_2547      IMG_2548

Time to set the hull to one side to let the glue to go off. Just time to make some fine and fiddly bits. An hour and a half later and my fingers numb. All of the life rings and fire hose boxes made. I like to get these out of the way early.

IMG_2550      IMG_2553

The Fore and Aft decks cut out ready to be installed. And a bit detail added to the Fore Deck.

IMG_2556      IMG_2560

The construction of a couple of sets of steps comes next. Simply made by layering progressively shorter steps with spacers in between.  I know they don’t look much at the moment, but trust me, when you see them in situ shortly, you might just be impressed.

IMG_2564      IMG_2565

These steps are the start of the cabin structure. Again this is built with inter locking elements. Once it’s all put together, it makes a sturdy cabin structure and a base for the Bridge that goes on the top of it.

IMG_2575      IMG_2577

IMG_2579      IMG_2581

Like I said earlier, the steps look totally different once in place. Very Effective.

IMG_2583      IMG_2585

The Bridge is next. Simple box but full of interesting detail. A bit fiddly for my huge fingers, but well worth the effort. It never ceases to amaze me how much detail goes into these kits.

IMG_2586      IMG_2589

IMG_2591      IMG_2592

It’s hard to think that all of this detail is download from the internet, printed, stuck to card, cut out and glued together. How simple is that?

That’s all for now, time to go make a bit more.

Until Next Time………….

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