Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cargo Ship Revisited Pt3…………….

Well a lot has happened since we last met. I sat down and deliberated, pondered and finally decided to radically change the design of the ship. As you may know, I’m building this ship for the second time. I loved the last one I built but, I really wanted to build it again but in a different colour. The colour I preferred, was a shade of green, which adorns a group of vessels that visit the port I work at. The next problem was how to change the colour. I contacted Scalescenes and John kindly sent me an editable version of the plans. My wife Jak works within the craft and design industry, and knows her way around an editing suite, so she got the job of changing the colour for me. The next problem was, the ship I had in mind is a lot more modern than the original from scalescenes, so here was where I had to make that radical decision. I chopped of the stern to make it square!

Before……..                                                                                                                     ……..after.

IMG_2635       IMG_2636

I know it doesn't look much, but for someone who normally only builds to the plan, a bit of kit bashing scares me a bit. Especially as I’d come this far. If it didn’t work, there were a lot of hours gone down the drain. I should of thought about this from the start. Anyway it worked and with a bit of work and the addition of a kit bashed hand rail, I was quite pleased with myself.

IMG_2638      IMG_2643

IMG_2642      IMG_2646


The next challenge was the holds. The original old style has two holds with hatch boards. These would have to be changed to a more modern large hatch covers.


I had to set to and make a re-designed hold. I wanted to totally wrap around the original holds with one large hold and level off the top, so that I could make some large hatch covers. I have a large collection of scalescenes kits, so I had a rake through some of them, and found within the T009 Modern Industrial Building, a section of the interior wall that looked a lot like the side of the holds I was trying to emulate. With the addition of some uprights to the side of the hold, I was pleased with the result.

IMG_2653      IMG_2654

IMG_2657      IMG_2658

Next came the hatch covers. My wife Jak  just happened to have some foam mount board. This worked really well as it was 5mm thick, and when I lapped the edges and wrapped them in the green hatch colour cover layer, it looked like the greased rubber seals on the modern ships.

IMG_2659      IMG_2666

IMG_2667      IMG_2668

Right, you’re up to date. I’m off to fit these hatches, and try to find how to make some sort of gantry crane to move them.

Until Next Time…………….

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