Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Chimney Pots..........

As promised here is the way I make the chimney pots for my houses. First of all, if you’re brave, raid your good lady’s cosmetic bag and pinch what is called an orange stick.

These are used for manicuring apparently. If she doesn’t have any, and if you’re even braver, go to the cosmetic aisle in your local supermarket, you’ll find them there. Alternatively just go onto that popular auction site and buy them from there. That’s all I done, it saves all of the embarrassment and grief off my wife. They are really cheap. I got 100 of them for pennies over £2.
First of all, with a sharp craft knife cut off one of the ends so it is square. Next, with the same knife score a deep cut about 2mm from the end. Next about 3-4mm from the first cut, score a lighter cut. With a sharp detail knife, I use a Swann Morton knife, carefully cut from the second line up to the first cut and then work all around the stick.
Once you’ve shaped the pot, put a third cut about 2mm from the second and cut all the way through.
Once you’ve made enough just colour them with an alcohol marker or just paint them.
If you become confident with this technique, try and make some more ornate pots with extra cuts.
Until Next Time.............

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