Saturday, 9 July 2016

Row Of Houses Update................

Just a quick update on the row of  eight houses from Scalescenes that I'm currently making. It has sat on my table for a few weeks now untouched. It's not that I have ran out of inspiration, it's that I've been too busy, what with work and the fact that I have a new bicycle that I've been promising myself for a year now. Anyhow, back to the houses. I've put the roofs on the backs of the houses and tiled them. And finished off with barge boards at the eaves.
Next it's the back walls and the out buildings. This took some considerable time as there were loads of repetitive cutting out and wrapping of covers layers.
This little lot once made up make the back walls and the outhouses.

Now I need to put on the coal house roofs the fit the to the rear of the houses.

Until next time.......

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