Saturday, 12 January 2019

Industrial Box File Part 2............

Right, now that all of that technical track and hardstanding business is out of the way, it’s now time to have fun and construct some buildings.
The first part of the building process of the Scalescenes LY01 Industrial Boxfile Layout is the rear wall. This cleverly incorporates a interior back scene for the rear. This will become very effective later, especially if lights are used.

The length of the back is too long to be printed onto one A4 so, a second shorter section is to be butted up and glued with the main section. The may or may not hold together whilst you are handling the piece and putting it together, so I strengthened the join with a piece of masking tape glued over the joint.
Major supporting walls and platform supports are fixed into place next. Note the two squares used to keep everything square and perpendicular. If you start with everything square and level, it’s make neat progression so much easier.
While the glue is drying on the walls, it’s time to put the platform walls and the platform in place.
Finished off with a sturdy platform edge.
Set that all aside now to dry, and start making the front façade.
Is it just me, or does everyone colour the slightest bit of white raw edge? Even on the window sills.

Windows next. And I’m fortunate to have at my disposal a range of Scaleglaze windows. These make the model making process so much easier, if like me you struggle to cut out the fine detail of the window frames. These are readily available from the Scalescenes website and are fantastic quality.
The front of the building is glued in place next.
It’s starting to look a bit dramatic now.
There’s an outside platform made next. (Sorry I forgot to take the pictures)
A bit of fine detail with the drainpipe and doors next, and it’s taking shape.
With the addition of the support wall on the right, that’s about it for this section.
Time to fix it in place on the back wall.
A little back scene for in the corner has been fixed in place at this point.
Oh! I forgot. There’s a roof to go on.
Also note to the right of the picture, I’ve cut out the middle section of the roof and fashioned a rudimentary hinge from masking tape. This could be a neat little place to hide away any lighting battery pack.
That’s all I have to show you at the moment, but I’m making progress with the structure to sit on the top of the right hand side.
Until Next Time......……




Daisychain said...

Lovin' the scrstched up/rusty doors!!!

Broonyboy said...

Just getting the bits and pieces together to start this one. Looking forward to follow your build. Keep up the good work.