Thursday, 17 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 3………

It’s taken a while, but I think I’m getting my mojo back with this build. It’s coming along at quite a pace now.
Time to start on Structure B. This is the building that sits at the back of the box on the righthand side.
Before I show my progress, can I recommend that you purchase a Rubber Brayer. This tool is invaluable when applying cover sheets to the base layers.


Once the cover layer is in place, a good firm roll with the Brayer and all the air bubbles are eliminated with ease.


Once again, the Scaleglaze windows come into their own.

This building is a simple sturdy box construction. The side wall also incorporates the drainpipes. Don’t forget to colour any exposed edges.
  As you can see in the picture, this is the only drawback I have with a laser printer. When I wrap a tight edge, the print occasionally cracks. This is easily overcome with a quick touch up with a felt pen.
The righthand side wall has to be cut to size, to accommodate the wall of the box file. This however is explained well in the instructions.
Glue the sides, the back and the front wall together, and there you have your basic structure.

Add the roof and the gutter and that’s the main structure done. Just the add on detail bits to sort.
Now you can’t tell me, that you can get a quality finish with any other paper kit (you know which ones) than this Scalescenes kit. Even the end course of bricks are lined up!
Now, here is where I got a little too clever for my own boots. I thought I’d sorted out a problem that didn’t exist. I wanted to build the roof vent perpendicular from the roof, so I fashioned a temporary sacrificial stay to be removed once the vent was in place,to the back of the building to achieve the said result. Well it did work but, if I read the instructions correctly, it told me clearly how to do it.

Once the vents and side duct is in place, that’s it for Structure B.

I had to try it in place (just to check if it fit of course)

Structure D is next on the list.

Until Next Time………







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