Monday, 28 January 2019

Industrial Box File part 5………

This kit is coming along quite nicely now. It’s now time for the back unit, structure C. This will join both structure B and D together. There’s not much to show on this structure, but I’ll show you the process anyway.
Firstly, you need to check the gap between the two existing structures, so that you get a perfect fit between the two. Once you’ve marked the back piece, simply transfer the measurement to the front section. It’s not difficult at all, and is just a simple box construction, with a little interior detail visible from an open door.


Once the back and the sides are assembled, make the control and switch board and glue it into place.

The cladding overlay for the front is next. Once this is in place, fit the open door to the front.

When you glue the structure together, once again make sure that everything is square and perpendicular.


Unlike me, make sure that you trim the cladding to the same width as the base layer before you glue it all together. I even fitted the guttering the same length. DOH!!! At least I’ll measure the roof at the right width.

Make the vent for roof next and fit that into place. Trim the base to length and add the whole structure to the base.

And there it is in place.

While I’m here, can I show you my new ruler. On the recommendation of Mr Wiffen at Scalescenes, I purchased a square edged ruler. I’ve always used a bevelled edged ruler, but they tend to easily wear very quickly with repeated cutting against it. With the square edge this is eliminated, and it also helps to keep the blade perpendicular.
Not much left now, I'm on the push. Just the platform and the plantroom with conveyer to do.

It was at this point I had to evacuate my work room. It's located in our loft, and with the high winds we were having, it sounded like we were about to lose the roof. Thankfully, the said roof is still in place

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SteveS@Bolton said...

Excellent series of photos and description of your progress, Chris, as always. Looking forward to seeing you complete your model, picking up hints and tips from you as you go along.

You mentioned the rubber roller a while back (build part #1) - what size would you recommend, and where available?


Chris Heath said...

Hi Steve. It is called Speedball Brayer. They are available from most major craft outlets.