Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Industrial Box File..............

Right, here we go again. As promised, I’m going to have a go at the LY01 Industrial Box File Layout from Scalescenes. I know I’m a little slow off the blocks with this one, as many people out there have already completed some fantastic models, but I’ve been busy over Christmas at work and spent some quality time with the family.
Firstly, I needed to source a box file. I managed to find mine in a local branch of Ryman’s, the price wasn’t too bad either. I must admit, I couldn’t resist the 4 for the price of 3 deal. So hopefully once I master this one, I should be able to have a kit bash at another couple.

It’s a standard size Foolscap box file. 
Firstly take off all of the clips and brackets so you have a clear space to fill with the kit.
Next you need to cut the box to accommodate the track coming in. There is a handy cutting jig in the kit to make sure the cuts are in the right place. 

Next some 2mm cork underlay. This was a bargain off of the internet. I got 6 x1m rolls for just over a fiver. This gets cut to size and the glued to the bottom of the box.
Once you’ve established where the buildings are going, it’s time to lay some track. I’ve just used some old flexible track with missing sleepers, as you will only see the track and not the sleepers once the hard standing is in place.
If you print off a second low quality black and white copy of the hard standing and lay the track over the top, it’s easier to mark out where to cut and use it as a paper template to cut the final hard standing.

Once the track is glued to the cork base, transfer the paper templates onto the final sheets of the hard standing and cut them out carefully. Glue these down so as to just have the rails exposed in the concrete. 

That’s where I managed to get to over Christmas. I’ve now started the first of the buildings. The long section to cover the complete back of the box file. 
Hopefully by the weekend I should have made enough progress to show you what I’ve done. 
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Alan said...

Thank you for posting this step by step guide Chris. I’ve just downloaded this kit but not printed it yet.
Your guide will be very handy. Alan.