Monday, 5 September 2011

Sundays Fair at Bowburn…..

Well it’s finally done and dusted, and it was not as painful as I had expected.

I had a bit of a dilemma on what to build at the show. I had planned to build the Low Relief Cinema and Department Store (T006) from scalescenes, but I got building on Wednesday night and before I knew it they were finished!! The build was so quick and easy I just lost myself. Although it was quick, it didn’t mean it had lost any detail. I still managed to take some pictures while I was whizzing along………




I told you it was quick…


It just had to be my two favourite films that were showing at the ODEON. For the eagle eyed of you out there may just know that the two films were made six years apart. The Great Escape 1963 and The Italian Job 1969. I’m sorry but it just had to be.

After the cinema I attacked the department store. And would you believe it, that just flew up as well…..



The basic structure is the same as the cinema. It’s just the façades that are different…..




So because these were finished in just a couple of nights I had to find something else to build. I chose the Terraced Houses (T020) These will fit in nicely at Wynyard Lane. I got all of my printing done on Saturday night, changed all of my blades in my knives and loaded up the car with all my models ready for Sunday.

When I arrived at Bowburn I was met by the organiser Frank and he showed me to my table. I’m pleased it was not in the main hall but in a second, smaller hall adjacent to the main hall. Plus this was where the cafe was.

Once set up I got a cup of tea and away I went. The morning absolutely flew passed and I met loads of people interested in my models and scalescenes. People could not believe that they were all downloaded from the internet. One poor old chap couldn’t understand how I got all of the models off of the printer. Bless him.

There was one gentleman who came up to my table and was studying the large station. He stood for what seemed to be ages just staring at it. I asked him if he liked it, and he informed me that he was building one himself. He wanted to study it so he could see how his would end up.

You could guarantee every time I had something all glued up and ready to stick, someone would ask me a question, but I’m pleased they did. I was so worried I would be sat all on my own all day. I wanted to get some pictures of myself working away, but I was so busy answering questions and showing techniques, before I knew it, it was nearly time to pack up and go. The time time just flew passed and I didn’t get my pictures. I managed to get some as everyone was packing away. I suppose any are better than none…..



As you can see the Department Store and Cinema go really well with the High Street……



Andrew, my work mate, just couldn’t help himself. He deposited an old Binns Truck in front of the Cinema. Unfortunately he took it home with him…….



In summary I have to say I really enjoyed myself. I can’t wait until the next show at Birtley in October. For everyone I met and had a chat with, I hope you have as much fun and get as much satisfaction as I do building these Scalescenes Models.

Until next time……..



Mad Mary said...

Fantastic pictures Chris and i am so glad you decided to go along to this show and now you will have a better idea of what to expect in the next show. Love your Cinema and Woolworths too.
I do hope that old gentleman has a young grandchild who could explain or show him how the models are printed off.

Looking forward to your next installment.

Mary x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris !
It's Archil.
Magnificent!!!! No joke.

jordiegirl said...

Absolutely fabulous Chris, I'm enjoying following what you make and passed the link to your blog on to my brother-in-law as he has an interest in train sets, although his is packed away at present.

Love the Odeon and Woolworths, especially now that it no longers exists on the high street.