Sunday, 5 February 2012

Coming Along Nicely…………

Just a quick update to let you see how the T012 Farm House is coming along. I know that it doesn’t look much since the last time I posted, but believe me it has been quite a fiddle getting five roof sections to marry up. (I tell a lie it wasn’t hard, I just have very little patience). Would you believe there is two sets of roofs, an inner set and an outer set. The inner set that you see in the pictures have a ceiling detail on the inside, which I might add again, nobody is going to see. And on the underside edge, it has the detail of rain gutters. Those clever Guys at scalescenes think of everything. The outer set have the tile detail on them. So I have all of the cutting out to do again. I will try to be more patient this time, as this time all of the joints have to be near perfect, as it is the finished roof.



Unfortunately Jean/Mary, I tried to make the roof into one piece so that I could lift it off to view inside, but I failed.

I will let you see when the outer roof goes on.

Until Next Time………..



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Mad Mary said...

You have more patience than i do Chris, i wouldn't even attempt anything like this. Looking forward to the next instalment Chris.

Mary x