Sunday 26 February 2012

Gantry Crane……….

Well I didn’t get a start on Thursday like I’d hoped for, but only got going last night. It looks as if I haven’t achieved much, but there is quite a bit of cutting out to do, to build up the card stock into substantial elements. The maximum thickness of the card stock that I use is only 2mm. To achieve the strength required, there is a lot of lamination, which I must say gives great strength.




By building up so many layers I managed to make the legs 12mm in places. This crane is going to be a lot stronger than it looks.


Once all fiddly bits have been cut out, the fun can start.


I was intrigued when I first saw the pictures of this crane from scalescenes, on how sturdy it was going to be. I should not have doubted it. It is going to be as strong as houses!



So, I have both end frames built, the two bridge rails are laminated. I can start and assemble the main structure. Unfortunately this will not be until next weekend, as I have a very busy week at work, with a trip to our Mersey Port near Liverpool for two days mid week.

Until Next Time…………..


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Mad Mary said...

Well done on getting that done last night Chris, you are a busy man and you'll just have to do bits and pieces when you have spare time, it's great watching your items in stages and then finally all put together for the final item.

Don't work too hard.

Mary x