Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Finished Part One…………….

I eventually finished the T012 Farmhouse from scalescenes. I thought it was going to be a quick build over the Christmas holidays, but I was wrong. I have enjoyed building it, but it seems to have gone on forever. This I know has been due to my work load and time at the Fire Station. I normally like to set to and get a good start with a project, as it gives me a buzz seeing the basic elements come together creating a new building, but with this one, I should have waited till I had the time to do so, as it seemed to sit on my table for days going nowhere, in a sorry state of neglect.

Anyway here it is in all its glory




I would love to find a family of homeless little people to live in these buildings. All they would only need the electric and water turning on, and away they’d go.


Mary, please observe co-ordinating  curtains.


The fine detail of the exterior and the comprehensive detail of the interior is phenomenal. Down to gutters and drainpipes on the outside, to bookcases and fireplaces on the inside.

When I have the time, I’m going to build an “exploding “ version, so I can take to pieces and showcase the detail. It is a crying shame that nobody sees inside.

Next is the Barn, that goes with the Farm House.

Until Next Time…………



Daisychain said...

Absolutely fabulous Chris! My favourite so far and the ideal home for 'The Borrowers'..... Hugs Christine x

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic Chris, it's great to see it finished. Laughing here at your comment about the co-ordinating curtains. What made you add that comment??
Think you are going to be building the village i stay in. We have farm houses, barns, a pub but sadly no shop.

Looking forward to seeing the barn in all it's stages.

Mary xx

Rohit Nyss said...

Awesome build.

Anonymous said...

wonderful chris. it's a while since i had a peek at what you where doing but this is great.crafty joan (mother-in-law)xx