Thursday, 10 May 2012

Oh no! Jack's found the loft......

That's it my sanctuary has gone.
We are looking after our grandson Jack this evening saw the ladders going to the loft and he asked "What are the ladders for?" and "Where do they go?" Well I couldn't lie to him and before I knew it he was up like a whippet! It was easier to show him one of my trains rather than try and explain what I was doing up there. Thankfully he soon got bored and wanted to go back down the ladders to play with his own trains downstairs.

I think I might have just about got away with it. Fingers crossed.

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Mad Mary said...

Lol, yes you probably have gotten away with it Chris. He's still too young to take everything in.. You'll have to watch though, give him a few more years and he will be up there full time with you.

Mary xx