Sunday, 25 November 2012

Low Relief High Street Backs Part Two…………..

Here is the next stage of the R005a Low Relief High Street Backs from scalescenes. I have completed the other three carcasses, the other large one and the two smaller ones required for the four backs. The next step went a bit out of sync I’m afraid. I started to build the carcass for the odd ball element of the kit, which is the Tudor style building. For all it is a bit fiddly for me with fingers like pork sausages, I do like this part of the build. The level detail incorporated into such a small piece work always astounds me.

So while I was in the mood and had piece and quiet, I set to and cut out all of the sections needed to complete the entire building.

IMG_0882        IMG_0883

Yes, it may be a pain in the derriere for me to cut out, but you have to agree that the results are just stunning. Like I said earlier, the detail that goes inside all of these buildings that nobody will ever see is a crying shame. Once the layers are put together on top of each other, this is when you start to see the model come to life.

IMG_0884        IMG_0891


Unfortunately this is where it all went to pot. Instead of just building the carcass. I’m afraid I got carried away and completed the whole building.

IMG_0887        IMG_0890

The door and wall section for the front went on and it is very clever. I challenge anyone to spot the join between the front and side wall.


It was a case of, I’ll just put this bit on, and that led to maybe just try this bit in place to see what it looks like, and before I knew it, it was finished.


IMG_0902         IMG_0903

I just love the fine detail. Even down to window sills. And don’t forget, these buildings are all downloaded from the internet and printed off on your printer!


Right, get back on track and follow the instructions in order! The next step is to, believe it or not, build the individual down pipes for the other four buildings. This you will see in my next post. That’s if I can follow the simple instructions and not get carried away again.

Until Next Time……………

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Mad Mary said...

Fantastic Chris, i am always amazed to see how these build up. It's very hard to believe that these are just printed sheets.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

Mary x