Monday, 9 May 2016

New Terraced Shops........

As you know, while we have been having the work done in the house, my craft table (the dining table) was pack away and out of use. So not been beat, I've been making a version of the new T022a Terraced Houses into shops with the T022c add on from Scalescenes at work, during my quiet weekends. They are built as the terraced house kit, but instead of a normal fa├žade, the front is cut away using a template to accommodate the shop fronts. An insert is made and slotted into the front room, to make the interior of the shop. Not many pictures to show you of the build, but here are the finished pictures.

The chimney pots are fashioned from what is called an orange stick. I believe that women do something with their nails with them. But I find them just the right size to whittle chimney pots.
The table is back to normal now, so the row of eight houses are coming back out, to get finished.

Until Next Time........

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