Tuesday 10 May 2016

Terraced Row...........

Right, I've set to and built the next set of six terraced houses for my row of eight. These are the new revised T022a from Scalescenes. To break up the look along the row, I've used two bay window options for a couple of houses, and used one of the options of the T022b download, to make one of the façades pebble dashed.
In the T022b kit, there is also an option for a derelict gable end. Well, it seems rude not to I suppose. The addition of this feature, is very reminiscent of a house at the end of a street very close to where I grew up, back in the sixties. A bit of waste land added once the street is in place, will be very realistic.
Time to put all of the roofing tiles in place. At this point in time, I've put all of the roofs in place and tiled the all of the fronts. In hindsight, I wished I'd stepped the street, and made the street go up a hill. To late now, they are all glued together now.

Time to tile all of the backs now, and to make all of the out houses for the back yards. I might even build the T022c Corner Shop at the other end to the derelict gable end.

Until Next Time...............

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