Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fishing Boat Update..........

Well here is where I got to on the challenge I gave myself to build a Scalescenes fishing boat in two days. It was a tall order, as I was building it away from home, here in Peterborough.

The first pictures show the hull I completed at the end of play yesterday, getting its wrap to finish off the hull.
Next are the bulwark sections. These act as way of strengthening the top of the hull, by laminating both the hull and the bulwark rails together.
Next the bulwark stays. All glued into position and trimmed back flush to the rail.
A bit of fine detail next, to the side of the hull in the form of fenders.
And to top of the bulwark, is the top rail.
Starting to look like a boat now.
Now here is where things get serious. It's time to build the deckhouse and wheel house. This honestly took me for ever, cutting out so many small and intricate parts. What with my huge fingers, it's quite hard. But the end results always blow my brain.

And here is this point at where I had to call it a day.

Until Next Time...........

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