Monday, 22 April 2019

Finished Small Fishing Boat...............

Unfortunately as I said on my last post, I’ve lost the pictures of the construction of the wheelhouse. Try as I might, I couldn’t retrieve them from my SD card. Other than making another one, you’ll have to forgive me and trust me that it was an extremely easy build. Nothing that you haven’t seen me do on here numerous times before on other vessels.

So here it is in its final position.

Just some final little extras to go onto the roof. The roof rails and the life rings.
The deck hatch is fitted next along with some fish crates.
John at Scalescenes has cleverly fashioned a deck winch to add fine detail to the fishing boat.
A supplied jig helps to bend and cut to the right length, a paper clip or as I’ve used, a piece of florist wire.

 A small winch is fastened to the top of the wire, and set into the side of the hull.
A quick mast made from the same florist wire, the addition of a mast light, and the registration number, completes the build.
Here it is in all its glory.
And with its sister boat.

I’ve enjoyed building these Small Fishing boats. I think that John will be using a similar hull design for numerous more small boats.
Until Next Time..........



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