Tuesday 2 April 2013

1930’s Semi Detached Houses…………

Well it finally arrived, after many delays in the design stage, the To13 1930’s Semi Detached Houses from scalescenes. And I must say, it’s been well worth the wait. This style of house has evoked so many memories for me, as it was this style of house that used to belong to a Aunt and Uncle who lived just outside of Nottingham, over forty years ago. I went  onto Google maps to check the address and it is almost the same house, spooky! We used to visit  a couple of times a year, and to see this house again has brought it all flooding back. Happy memories. Thanks John.

Before I start with the build, a couple of things to tell you. I promised in my last post that I would show you the vast range of marker pens I have at my disposal. These are courtesy of my wife Jak who designs for the craft industry. I know that this collection is a little bit overboard, well a lot overboard, but I have found that a good selection of colours comes in very handy when touching up raw edges.


The second, is this new knife I’ve found. I don’t suppose for one minute that they are new, but I’ve just found them. What with our Grandson Jack growing fast, I thought it was a good idea to get this retractable Swann Morton craft Knife. All my knives are retractable apart from the Swann Morton and I’m always terrified he puts his hand into my tool tin and cuts his finger on a exposed blade. Plus the body of the knife more comfortable in your hand, as it is a little bit thicker. I find I have more control of the knife.


I was hoping that I might have had all the Easter break building this model but, as usual like all of the best made plans, it didn’t happen. At least I got a good start. First job was to print the glazing onto a sheet of OHP (Over Head Projector) film. My laser printer thankfully takes OHP, but check your printer before you use any OHP because if it is not compatible it can cause some serious damage to it.  The detail is so fine and authentic  Next, print the frames, cut the out and bring the two together.

IMG_1152          IMG_1150


The middle interior walls sandwich a thinner layer which makes up the drain pipe. So clever.

IMG_1154          IMG_1155

The upper floor and lower ceiling join together with some spacing pieces. These then join the interior walls by simply interlocking.

IMG_1157          IMG_1158


When bringing the walls and floor/ceiling together if you haven’t cut the slots out wide enough, and they are stiff putting them together, instead of trying to cut the out a little more, I have found that it is easier just to use one of my wife’s nail file boards to file the slot a little wider. It makes a neater job.


Well, that was my weekend done for. Back to work tomorrow. I should have a couple of nights free this week to get some more done on this project. Once I’ve got some progress to show you I’ll post it as soon as I can. Promise.

Until Next Time……………

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Mad Mary said...

I have more than a few lovely pens but nothing like the amount Jak has,you are very lucky she shares lol. I have a retractable knife but not as sleek looking as your one. Love the window designs and can't wait to see the next stages. Enjoy it Chris.

Mary x

Daisychain said...

Can't wait to see the finished houses as I too love this style. Wow! Sooo many markers - I have marker envy! Hugs Christine x