Sunday 20 December 2015

Canal Scene............

As I have been banished and exiled from my craft table for the holiday period, I have some pictures of projects that I've built over the last couple of months I can show you.

A while ago, at work on  a weekend, I made the T018 Narrow Boat and Lock from Scalescenes. I must admit that I just built it not knowing if I would use it on the layout. Well, after a lot of looking at the blank canvas that I have in the loft at the moment, I decided that there would be a back corner of the layout that could benefit from a small canal scene. Now the lock and narrow boat wouldn't be enough on their own so, I built the T018a Lock Keepers Cottage and the T018b Canal Bridge to accompany them. These will make a small countryside diorama at the rear of the layout. I've no pictures of the building but here are the end results.

Now these with the Narrow Boat and Lock together (not in their final positions).

I've more pictures to show you of another build for a future post, so call back soon.
P.S. It's not to late to get your hands on Scalescenes Gift Certificate of a loved one for Christmas (Wink Wink)

Until Next Time.............

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