Tuesday 5 January 2016

The "Shed That Jack Built"

Jak and I had the pleasure of having our Grandson Jack for a sleepover last night, and trying to keep him occupied without just sitting him in front of the TV, is a challenge. Now Jack has a very inquisitive streak in him, and he often sits with his Gran and crafts away making cards with her. He also sits and watches me making my models. He asks question after question, just like a six year old should do. So, to try and help his developing mind, I asked him if he would like to build his own model. “Yes” came the reply. So I printed out the the Small Goods Shed for him, and away we went. He enthusiastically   stuck the printed elements to the card, and I dutifully cut them out for him. We had a couple of little mishaps along the way, and with a little help from Grandad, we got there in the end.
He was so pleased with his results, he’s done a video tutorial to go with it. Just click on the video below to see his efforts. Now he reckons, the next time he comes to stay over, we have to build something bigger. What have I started?


Wellnifty said...

That excellent, well done Jack xx

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic, wee Jack done well, mind you he had a good teacher. Good to see a wee youngster making something rather than playing on a machine xx

David Smith said...

That's a nice story. Great being a Grandad is'nt it.