Sunday 26 August 2018

Finished Crossing Keepers Cottage........

Now that all the walls have been built its now time to put them all together. It’s very important at this stage, to make sure that everything is square. A small block square is fine for making sure the walls are perpendicular, but I found two combination squares put together, holds all the structure square while the glue sets.

The extension is next. The walls are of the same construction as the rest of the building, two side walls, one with chimney built into it, and a gable wall.
When I fixed these to the main structure, I wanted to make sure these were also square. The way I done it, was to cut a scrap piece of card the same width between the two walls at the gable end. So when I glued the walls to the main building, I use the same piece of scrap card as a spacer to keep the structure square.   
On with the ceilings next. These also incorporate the guttering. 

Once the ceilings are in place, it’s time to construct the roof. Lots of rows of slates. 

The cottage has two roofs. The transition between the two on this kit, has a simple but clever addition of valley flashing. 
The outbuilding wall is next. And there’s no lack of detail here either. Down to detailed door frames. And a piece that I personally like, is a baton gate.

Finally to put on all of the gable coping stones and the chimney capping, and that’s it. 

I like this little cottage. It’s got me back to my craft table. It hasn’t taken too long to build and it would be a great kit for a beginner. It’s the first time I’ve used the Scaleglaze windows, and I think they are a fantastic addition the Scalescenes range. 

I’ve got the bit between my teeth again now, and my next project is to build another modern cargo ship. As a general bulk cargo carrier.  Watch this space. 

Until Next Time...........


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