Monday, 2 July 2012

Completed Small Engine Shed…….

Well everything went to plan and I managed to got the Small Engine Shed finished. I must admit I’m very pleased with the result. Once again there is loads of detail inside that no one but you and I will ever see.

First of all I built the vents that fit in the roof to exhaust the smoke from the building. I forgot to take a picture of the second one, but it is the same as this one only half the size.


IMG_0257        IMG_0255

I couldn’t help myself on this build and I have done something that I have never done before. Most of the scalescenes models come with graffiti, but I feel that it is a little to modern for my liking. So I drew from my dark and murky memory and remembered they type of graffiti I used to see on buildings back then. I’m afraid it wasn’t very artistic, but it wasn’t back in the day.


I know it’s not very creative,but I’m the only one that will know it’s there.


Above the roof exhaust is the chimneys.

IMG_0233        IMG_0234

Next comes the water tank. Not much to explain about the tank, as it is basically a box. But with the addition of panels it looks quite effective.

IMG_0235        IMG_0239


Finally, all that was left to do was the doors. These are very similar to the doors that I built for the Farm House Barn. Two layers of 200gsm card back to back, with the addition of battens stuck on the back.


So, here it is in all it’s glory.

IMG_0245       IMG_0246

IMG_0248       IMG_0250

And maybe one more money shot.


Next I think I might be making a project for the Dock Company where I work. We have modern warehousing and we import and export  various cargoes. Scalescenes do a Modern Industrial Building that I might be able adapt so it will look like ours. Could be fun.

Until Next Time…………


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Mad Mary said...

It's fantastic Chris, and yes graffiti was basic way back then. I agree with you, that is what you would have seen. The engine shed is fantastic and looks bigger than i know it really is.

Well done again.

Mary x