Thursday 26 July 2012

T009 Modern Industrial Building…………

As promised I have sorted the pictures out, that I have so far, for the T009 Modern Industrial Building from scalescenes. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have ditched the idea of try to replicate a warehouse we have at the docks. It was a task far bigger than I am capable of. So I am just going to build the standard kit. Should be a doddle now then!!

This now, is so simple. Great big pieces to cut out and only one window, WHOOO HOOO.


Just a case of laminating backs to fronts for the top and bottom sections, and there is some very fine strips called “girts” that go on the inside walls of the building.


Once the all of the sections are made up, it’s just a case of marrying the tops to the bottoms.


Once all four walls are built, you have the choice of where you want to put the door or doors. There are three styles of door to choose from. One is a large roller shutter door. The second is a smaller version of roller shutter door and the third is a loading dock option. The one I opted for was the first one. To enable you to place the door where ever you want on the structure, you are supplied with a couple of simple but effective templates. Just simply choose where the door is to be and the draw round with a sharp pencil. then cut out with your sharp knife.

IMG_0267          IMG_0268


Now that you have a hole, you need to trim it with the relevant trim and make the roller shutter door.It tidy’s the edges quite nicely and the door can be made to be either open, closed or in what ever position you require it in. For my scenario, it will be in the up position, so that you will be able to see the steel coils inside the shed.


Now comes the fiddly bit that, which was one of the reasons I didn’t go with the big build. They are no hard to cut out, I sometimes find it quite therapeutic but, when you have hands and fingers like mine, the thought of having to cut out about twenty eight sets of these made me nervous.

IMG_0263          IMG_0264


The little yellow bit is for the support for the rail which the gantry crane will eventually run along.

I don’t think it is going to take me much longer to complete this build, as I now have all of the supports done. The roof is pretty much straight forward. So hopefully I might get it finished this weekend.

Until Next Time…………..



Mad Mary said...

Another great set of pictures Chris, i really enjoy seeing what you are working on. I used to work for a drinks company and the picture of the wall with the roller door in it has just reminded me of the department i worked in. Exactly the same set up. The little door for us walking through, the roller door for the forklift drivers to take the pallets of bottles in and the window was part of an office.
Looking forward to seeing the next set of pictures.

Mary x

kit homes bendigo said...

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