Sunday, 1 July 2012

Small Engine Shed…………..

The latest release from scalescenes is the R021a Small Single Road Engine Shed. It’s a versatile little kit that can be built in a number of different ways. It can be built with or without the water tank, windows or solid walls and no windows, solid back wall or doors, and with six different wall textures,the options are endless.

I opted for the Random Ashlar wall option,the windows, the doors and the water tank.

I started by building the side walls with the cut outs for the windows.

IMG_0189         IMG_0190

I even got all arty and coloured in under the header stones.


When I came to do the windows, I must have sat for an hour cutting out half of the eighty windows. cussing and swearing as I was cutting through the window frames. Then I realised that there was a sheet of dirty windows to print onto transparency. Happy days!


So effective.


The end walls come next. Double thickness, with the inner section making the drain pipe.

IMG_0218         IMG_0220

The roof trusses are next. I like building these. They are strangely satisfying when finished. Very delicate, but so effective.



Like the roof trusses, I find the tiling of the roof very therapeutic, and if you take your time and layout all of the strips of tiles in the right order, the effect of weathering is excellent.

IMG_0225          IMG_0229

That’s the stage I’m up to now. Hopefully tomorrow night I have no plans to go anywhere or do anything, so I will be able to get this little gem from scalescenes finished.

Until Next Time…………….


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Mad Mary said...

Fanastic Chris, I like the colour option you went for too. It's amazing what you can print off and make.
Laughing at you cutting out the windows... was that you not reading all the instructions again!

Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Mary x