Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Update On Modern Industrial Building…………

Well I didn’t get the scalescenes T009 Modern Industrial Building finished like I thought I might do at the weekend, but I did get quite a lot done. It is all coming together quite nicely. I’m pleased that I eventually decided not to build a long line of the of the sheds, as I think it might have been a little fragile.
I was having a bit of a problem trying to secure the roof supports to the walls, as I had tidied away all my small clamps, and I couldn’t for the life of me find them.
IMG_0284          IMG_0287
I think that I may have to invest in another set of these small clamps as I just about had enough. They were not expensive, in fact I think I got them off of Ebay for a couple of pounds for sixteen. They are worth their weight in gold when you run out of hands.
IMG_0289         IMG_0290
Once the main structure was glued and clamped, I set it aside to dry and I then started on the overhead gantry crane that runs the length of the shed. But I have a confession to make. I was so carried away making it, I forgot to take some pictures of the build, and I’m sure not going to take it apart to start again. I did manage to remember to take some pictures of it all finished.
IMG_0292          IMG_0295
I know, I know, I made another mistake. One of the beams should have been put on the other way round, so that the SWL info was on the outside of the crane.
I didn’t notice until it was all finished and all glued up, so it  will just have to stay like that.
I cut out all of  the roof sections and got the glued up, but I haven’t put them in place just yet, as I might just leave them loose so that they can be removed to see the inside. It is not going onto Wynyard Lane as it is too modern, so it is destined  to be an exhibition piece for the office at the docks.
In order to lift the coils that I intend to fill the shed with, the crane is going to have a coil crab made. This shouldn’t be much of a problem, as the kit comes with a spreader beam that I intend to modify to look something like this…..
Once the crane is finished, I’m going to make some coils.
Until Next Time…………..


My'scardcorner said...

WOW Chris that is looking good and yes i can see where more of those clamps will come in handy. well done you.

Jane said...

It's ok Chris only you and I know about the beam on the gantry crane and I won't tell ;) I wish I had half of your patience to work with such small pieces! Looking very impressive

Jane x (Your secret is safe)

Elizabeth said...

Really looks great Chris. We use that type of clips to hold the pool cover on during the winter they come in so many different sizes. We also use close pins. Keep up the good work.

Mad Mary said...

Really enjoy seeing your pictures as you are making everything Chris, It's easy to forget to take pictures as you go along. I won't tell anyone that one of the beams is the wrong way round. Looking forward to the next set of pics.

Mary x

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