Monday, 5 December 2016

Day Two.....................

Day two of the T019 Row of Small Cottages from Scalescenes. I got a slow start to the day, as a guest that was due to be demonstrating, was running late and had to use the prep room to prepare for her show. I couldnt exactly ask her to leave, thats what the room is for, not for me. Anyway, once she had finished I got set to.

I had all of the walls and floors ready just to be glued together. Simply just butt the walls and floors together, matching the coloured walls to each other.
With the addition of a center wall to produce the drainpipe, continue until all the walls are up.
Once all of the wall are set square, its at this point the upper ceiling is fitted. This cleverly incorporates the guttering along the long edge.
Once the ceiling is in place, it not only makes the guttering, it also makes a soffit over the windows.
Time to tile the roof. The kit comes with either grey slate or an orange pan tile option. I opted for the grey slate.
The barge boards to finish off the gable end.
And thats where I managed to get to. Theres not much more to be done, to be honest, just the chimneys to put in place. If Id only got a start first thing, I would of managed to get it complete in the two days.
Until Next Time………….

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