Thursday, 15 December 2016

New Work Space...............

What a couple of weeks we have had, here in the Heath household. Not to go into too much detail, we have welcomed our oldest Daughter and our Grandson back into our home. To say it's been a tight fit, would be an under statement. Two houses into one, requires a gentle shoe horn. But fit it we have, and it's now onwards and upwards towards Christmas. My craft space has been returned to the dining room, and the loft where Wynyard Lane was taking shape, has had to become storage and a craft room for my wife Jak, to accommodate her work commitments. The fact that I've had to stop making my Scalescenes models, has come with a double blow. I've been suffering with lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) to you and me. I don't know how, as I've never played tennis, but the doctor reckons that it could be a repetitive stress injury. The only thing that I can imagine that that could be, would be the cutting out of my models. I must be the only bloke to be disabled by a piece of damned cardboard. Anyway I've had an injection to relieve the pain. But I need to rest my arm for a while to let the injury heel its self. This could have been seen as a perfect opportunity, whilst all of my craft stuff was packed away to rest and take a break but, I've got itchy fingers. So, I've reclaimed and cleared a small corner of my layout table, so that I can gently potter away making a model over the Christmas period. 

I think I'm going to have a go at the T030b Clyde Puffer, the latest offering from Scalescenes. 
No doubt I will show you my progress as I go but, it may take a while, what with this elbow. 

Until Next Time.............

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