Thursday 29 December 2016

Clyde Puffer...................

As you may remember from my last post, I said I was about to commence the building of the T030a Clyde Puffer from Scalescenes. It was supposed to be made in the reclaimed space I retrieved in the loft, but this wasnt to be. Ive been at work between Christmas and New Year, and to say its been quite would be a huge understatement. So, I decided to take the model to work and build it there.
Unfortunately Ive not taken any pictures of the build, apart from one, when I ceremoniously laid the keel.

But Ive taken a few of the boat in all of its glory to show you now that its nearly finished.
The model comes with an editable name feature. So it had to be named after my Grandson Jack.

I found the rigging a bit of a fiddle, but that was because Ive got sausage fingers. I even improvised and platted a chain from some fine brown cotton for the steering chain. I think it worked.
Overall it was a pleasurable build, a one I would highly recommended.
Well, next week should be back to normal, and Ill have to do some work instead of modelling. Oh well!!!
To finish this post, I would like to wish all that have read my ramblings, over the last twelve month, heaven knows why, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. May all your families be safe and healthy, and you make all the right choices to fulfil your aspirations.
Be safe and have a wonderful 2017.
Happy New Year.
John @ Scalescenes, keep up all of the good work, and heres looking forward to some fantastic new kits in the new year.
Until Next Time……………..

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