Saturday, 3 December 2016

Row of Cottages........

I've returned to Peterborough again this weekend, to accompany my wife Jak while she works. It's given me some time on my hands again, so I rummaged through my Scalescenes kits for a quick and easy project to build while in the green room. I came up with the T019 Row of Cottages. It's a quick and simple build, perfect for a weekend project.

I managed to ensconce myself back in the prep room, adjacent to the green room. With copious amounts of coffee and biscuits, it's a perfect place to hide away and build.
It all starts by cutting out all of the windows. These will be stuck onto acetate once they are cut out.
Next the front and rear walls are cut out along with all of the door and window openings.
The cover layers come next. I've opted for the squared rubble option.
A small tip. Don't cut out the centre of the doors and windows just yet. You will find it a lot easier to squarely fit the cover layers over the base layers whilst they are still in one piece.
Once the cover layers are in place, cut out the centre of the doors and windows and wrap them around the openings.
Fit the window sills, windows and doors in the openings. And that's the exterior walls done.
Time to start on the interior walls next. These are cut out the same as the exterior walls and glued together. Once completed, I found it better to put the curtains in place at this stage.
The gable ends are next. The same as the main walls. Exterior and interior together.
The chimney breasts and fire places are next. Both downstairs and upstairs.
At this point, I was advised that Jak had been given an early finish. So all play was stopped. Hopefully tomorrow I can start to bring all of the walls together. I will try to get as far as I can, and let you see the progress.
Until Next Time..........

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