Wednesday 26 October 2011

Daylight Lamp & Flashlight……

The very clever people at asked my wife Jak if she would be willing to try out one of their new and innovative products. It was a very handy product indeed. Not only is it a nifty portable battery powered desk lamp, ideal for crafting. It also boasts a very bright flashlight.

Well I’m afraid I had to get in on the act.

I often use Jak’s other daylight lamp, especially when I’m taking photo’s for my blog, and when my eyes are particularly tired. I use it, as it gives a very clean crisp light and it gives true colours. But it isn’t always set up were I need it, so, when this portable light came along I had to have a go. Maybe I wasn’t expecting the lamp to preform like it’s big brother, but believe me it does. Granted it isn’t as powerful as the mains powered lamp but, for a portable battery powered lamp, it was more than adequate. It has a whopping 28 LED’s on the main light and it has 6 LED’s for the flashlight. It will last for up to 6 hours on just 3 AA batteries.


As you can see it is a very compact size and doesn’t take up a great deal of room on your desk or workbench. You can see from the picture above, it gives a flood of clear white light to illuminate your work. Ideal when cutting out intricate detail.

I’ve had a LED torch before and didn’t rate it at all, as the light it gave was not more than a couple of candles and it spent most of the time at the bottom of my tool box, redundant.

This handy torch has 6 LED’s and gives, like the main light, a good flood of clear bright light. Very handy for those jobs around the house, garage or shown below, the shed. (Trust me when I say that no fuses were harmed in the making of this review) 


In summary, this handy lamp and flash light has got to be one of the brightest portable lamps run off 3 AA batteries on the market, and to have a flashlight into the bargain, Brilliant. I think that Jak may have just lost this handy light.

For those of you who are interested, the picture at the top of this post is the latest project I have started from scalescenes. It is the Factory Warehouse T026. As you can see there is a lot of intricate and repetitive cutting out. I’m sure the end result will be worth it. Drop by again to find out how I get on.

Until next time…….



Mad Mary said...

Laughing at your comment about the fuses Chris lol lol lol.
I wondered how long it would be before you pinched ( i mean borrowed-ahem) this from Jak.
Can't wait to see the Factory Warehouse when it's finished.

Mary x

Maryann Laursen said...

HA ha ha ha I had the exact same thoughts, when Jak showed us this earlier ha ha ha. I´m totally amazed about your awesome scalework, and I always look forward to see the next one too, even I don´t always get to comment, but be asure, I watch everything in my reader always. You´re doing a spectacular job on these scales, and they´re really awesome. You should start making small dollhouses and sell. That might be a dream for any little girl or maybe a garage or firestation for a little boy?