Wednesday 12 October 2011


Well I finally got round to making a quayside for the “Iberian Trader”. It isn’t the final one that will be used on Wynyard Lane but, I wanted to get some sort quay built for the NEDCC Toy Fair on Saturday. It is built from the scalescenes kit T016 Dock Edge. Again so simple to construct, but so effective! The kit can be built as long or as short as you require, and with the addition of the cobbled stone or concrete quayside, it makes a quite effective scene.

It all starts with making the Pilings, these come in a choice of either concrete or timber. I chose the timber as it fits my period.

Img_9036Please excuse the quality of the pictures, as I have had to use another computer with different photo software and it isn’t as good. Anyway you get the gist.

After the pilings come the quay walls. Again you have a choice of either Stone, Concrete or Brick to suit your needs. I chose the stone as it is similar to the quayside at Seaham Docks where I work. It’s just print – stick- cut out, how easy.Img_9035There is a choice of quayside of either Cobble Stones or Oil Stained Concrete. You guessed it, I chose the Cobbles.This is just a sample piece, the full size is just short of A4. So quite easy to cover a large area.

Img_9037Next it’s just a butt joint to the wall and the quay.


Here comes the interesting bit. You have an option of building into the wall some steps. Very effective I think you’ll agree. I have built the steps but I did not put it on the finished model, as I said before, this is just for a display at the toy fair on Saturday. The completed set will go onto Wynyard Lane Dock at a later date.



Here is my finished effort I put together for display purposes. Very effective I think.


Img_9031As you can see I have inset the track under the cobbles for an authentic Quayside effect.


You can see the finished display at the NEDCC toy fair at Chester le Street on Saturday if you are coming.

I haven’t decided what I am building on Saturday yet. Better get a shifty on.

Until then…….



Mad Mary said...

That's fantastic Chris, love the steps in the wall. Wish i could come along to see it for real. Have a great time on Saturday.

Mary x

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