Wednesday 25 April 2012

Arches For The Fiddle Yard……………

I’ve put away the shops off the fiddle yard (Honest) and set to making some R018 Low Relief Arches from scalescenes. I plan to cover the complete front of the fiddle yard with the arches. It is about five feet long, so I have quite a few to build. Luckily though, I can print and build as many as I need thanks to Scalescenes.
The construction couldn’t be simpler. The main sheet makes two pairs off arches.

Before applying the backs to the arches it is advisable to colour in the raw edge of the arch before adding the infill walls and the brick edges. This helps to hide any raw edges that might show through.
I think you might agree that the detail is incredible.
The individual sections fit together and the join is hidden by the buttresses.
These arches could not be easier to build, thankfully, as there is quite a few to build. There is a parapet wall to go on top yet to finish them off. Hopefully I will get a lot done tomorrow as I have a day off work. I have my Wife Jak to take to the train station first thing in the morning, as she is off to Peterborough to the Ideal World studios for two shows. So I have the day to myself to unwind, relax and set to and get some modelling done.

P.S. Yes David, there will be access for derailments.

Until Next Time………..


Mad Mary said...

They are amazing Chris. Can't wait to see the whole lot, it will look amazing.
Good job you have Jak's pens for the touching up jobs.
Are you not going to the studio's with Jak this time? Was nice to see you waving the last time.. i waved back lol.

Mary x

My'scardcorner said...

Looking good Chris will be very effective when youve done them all. Enjoy your day on your own.