Tuesday 3 April 2012

Desperate Measures………

Well I’ve had to do it. It is the only way I can think off to get me up into the loft. I have been guilty of neglecting my duties in the loft and I’ve ran out of excuses. I’ve been to wrapped up in building projects from scalescenes that I’m looking for anything at all to build. I’ve even built some more houses that I don’t even know where I’m going to put them on the layout! So now that there is nothing I need to build just yet, I have made the ultimate sacrifice…………..


I’ve gone and cleaned up my half off the craft table and put away all of my model making tools. This I hope will make me go up into the loft as I will have nothing to do and I can’t just sit down and build something. Well that is the plan anyway. I think it will only last until scalescenes bring out their next creation. Here’s hoping that I can get some progress made before this happens.

Until Next Time………



Mad Mary said...

Oh poor you Chris, i am sure once you get up in the attic and get going with it you'll be fine.. If not you could come up to Scotland and clear my craft room if you like lol lol lol

Mary xx

David Smith said...

Better get up there before it gets too hot (unless you have air conditioning for the summer).

Come on Chris, I want to see you building the layout now and running some trains.