Monday 5 September 2016

Weekend Bonus Build…………….

Once every four weeks I have to work all weekend. This can be a bit of a chore, as nine times out of ten, there is more sitting around than actually doing anything productive. All is not lost however, because Scalescenes have just released a new model. It is the new T006c Low Relief Hotel. It would be rude not to have a bash at it, whilst sitting around waiting for wagons. It’s low relief and will sit to the back of any layout and be a very imposing feature next to a station building. I’m thinking that it may be able to be built twice and make it into an “L” shape, to go around a very imposing roof joist I have on my layout in the loft.  

As you can see, my work space was set up more for building a model, than actually working.

The first step was to cut out all of the windows. 91 separate windows or 232 individual cuts to be precise. Sore finger time I’m afraid. My wife Jak has a new plotting / cutting machine, and I was hoping that we would have it set up with the software, that would enable me to scan in the window sheet and cut the all out for me. But we couldn’t get it set up in time, so I had to cut the by hand.
Secondly, the floors and ceilings glued back to back, with the addition of an extra couple of layers to two of them, to form an upper and lower ledge. Cut the small internal walls out, and away we go building.

At this stage, there is two pillars to add to the main hall way. These are simply made by rolling the printed paper to form the column. But since I use self-adhesive labels, these are tricky to roll. So I used my trusty orange sticks (see earlier post). I just simply wrapped it around the stick.
On this kit, there is the addition of a photographic backdrop of the main staircase. This will be visible through the main front door.
Once the first set of walls are in place, It’s onwards and upwards.
I will just build this project at work. So it will be a few weeks before any progress will be seen.
Until Next Time…………….

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