Tuesday 21 November 2017

Almost There.................

I’m almost there with the T030c Modern Cargo Ship from Scalescenes.

The Accommodation block and Bridge structure is next. It looks complicated but believe me it’s not. It’s made up of cleverly interlinked walls. This is not only exceptionally strong but, it also helps to keep the complete structure square and true.
The windows for the Accommodation block are not as you might think. They are just sticky tape over the window image. Simple.
Handy tip, I use a glass cutting mat. This doesn’t just keep the project nice and flat, but it also helps when trying to keep your project square. I put a couple of small drops of glue to fix it to the glass, and I then let the glue on the structure dry. This keeps it all true and square while drying.
Time to add the decks and some small detail, doors, fire hoses and life rings.
The Bridge is next, and would you believe that this took me, with all of it’s detail, fours hours! It even has a swivel chair.
Once all the Bridge is complete, it gets placed on the top of the accommodation block. It’s starting to look quite impressive. 
The funnel goes on next.
Now the life rafts, life boat and the Davit Crane for the life boat and the railings and mast to fit, and that’s the Bridge/Accommodation block done.
Nearly there now. One final push, and I should be done.

Until Next Time…………..



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