Friday 9 December 2022

Shops on a Slope Facade A4.........

I’m nearly there! This is the penultimate Facade for the T004 Shops on a Slope kit from Scalescenes, the A4. 

Let’s get started straight away. 

It all starts with cutting out the Facade base and cover layers the gluing the together. 



 Cut out the Window Sills and glue these into place.



Next cut out and glue your choice of windows in place. As with the previous Facades, I’m using the Scaleglaze option. These are Scaleglaze2 - D x 4.



Cut out your choice of Shop Overlay next, then lining up with the bottom of the facade, glue into place. 



Cut out the Parapet base layer and glue it into place on the top of the Façade.



Next, cut out the Buttress Base and Cover layers. Wrap the cover layer with the wording “Right / Left” over the base layers but leave the other flaps with no writing on unglued for now. Line the Buttress base layer edge with the edge of the Facade and glue into place. Wrap the loose cover layer flap around the back of the facade.





Cut out all of the pieces for your choice of sign, and glue them all together. Then fit the complete sign into place.



Cut out the Corbels next and glue them back to back with the printed sides out. While the glue dries, cut out the Corbel fronts and Caps. Wrap the fronts over the bases. Glue them into place on the Facade then glue the Caps into place.





Next, it’s time to get the shop fitters in and fill your shop with all of the interior detail you need.


Cut out all of the elements for the Recessed Doorway next. Firstly glue the two side walls back to back. Once the glue is dry on these, lay your door on a level surface and glue the walls and ceiling into place. Glue the complete doorway into place, ensuring that it lines up with the front and sidewalls of the shop.





Cut out the Plinth base and Cover layers and glue the cover over the base. Then wrap the step into place. Glue the complete Plinth onto the facade and glue the Facade squarely to the shop, making sure the top of the Buttresses are aligned with the top of the sidewall.



Cut out and glue the Sidewall Overlays into place next. 



Time for the roof now. Cut out the Roof supports Left and Right, then glue the corresponding pairs together back to back. Set these aside to dry. While these are drying, cut out the Roof Support and all of the elements for the Dormer. On a flat surface, glue the Dormer Walls to the Dormer back wall. Cut out and wrap the Dormer Wall B Edges the Dormer B Walls and then glue the Dormer wall B’s into place. Glue the Right Roof Support into place. 

Right, here’s where I went wrong. So that you don’t make the same mistake as me I’ll tell you what I've done. I started by gluing the right hand roof support into place. I then glued the large roof support into place. Then I glued the left hand roof support in place. (Are you keeping up?) Next, I glued the complete Dormer into place. And that’s when I realised I had a problem. My 2mm card stock that I had to find in a pile of scrap bits, because I ran out of 2mm good stock, is obviously not 2mm thick!!! It’s slightly thicker. I over shot the length of the roof structure by about 1.5mm. Because I’d glued as I was going, I’ve had to take it apart and cut the offending 1.5mm off of the Roof Support wall and start again. Had I dry fit all of the sections first, I would have realised my error. Note to self “Check it fits before you glue it in place” This is why it’s important that you use the correct thickness card as recommended. That’s an hour of my life that I’m not going to get back. 









Here’s version 2.



The Dormer window is next. The window for this is Scaleglaze2 - P x 1. Carefully cut out the Dormer Window surround, then glue the window centrally in the opening. Glue the competed Dormer window in place. 





Next cut out and glue the Parapet Cover layer, then glue it into place. 



Cut out and glue the Dormer Siding in place.



Next cut out and glue the Dormer Pediments back to back. While the glue dries on them, cut out and glue into position the Dormer roof. Now glue the Pediment into place in front of the roof. This should give you the correct position for the Pediment. Once in place, cut out and glue the Dormer Pediment Cap into place





The roof is next. Cut out the Roof base layer and lightly score along the red dotted line. Next cut out the Roof Tile strips. Keep the numbers in order, then start at the bottom and glue the tile strips in order to their corresponding position on the roof base layer. Once you’ve glued all of the strips in place, cut off any excess tiles and introduce a slight fold in the roof. Glue the completed roof into place and glue the Ridge Capping into place. And finally, cut out and glue the Parapet Copping into place.





And that’s another one done. 





One more to go, and that will be Facade A5.

Until Next Time……….



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