Friday 2 December 2022

T004 Shops on a Slope Facade B2..........

Here we go, I’ve managed to get another Facade done for the new Scalescenes T004. This one is the B2 Facade, the second of the wider options.

Let’s go.

As previously it starts with cutting out the Facade Base Layer and the covering it with the Facade Cover Layer. Note that I only cut out the top and bottom of the windows on the cover layer. Like I said in a previous post, it helps to keep the piece square as you glue it into position. Once in place, make the final cuts.



Next cut out the Sills and glue into position. 



The windows are next. As I said before, I’m using Scaleglaze Windows. I’m using Scaleglaze 3 windows L x 5 and D x 3. Simply cut them out and glue centrally in the window openings. 



Next, cut out the base and cover layers for both the right and left Buttresses. Wrap the Downpipe edge of the cover layer tightly around the base layer, but leave the other edge unglued at this stage. Lining up the Buttress base edge with the edge of the facade, glue into place. 





The Parapet Side Walls are next. Simply cut them out and glue back to back. Once the glue is dry, glue them onto the top edge of the side walls.



Next cut out the Sidewall Cover layers and glue into position. 



Cut out the base and the cover layer for the Plinth and glue together. Cut out and glue the Plinth Sill into place. You can now glue the complete plinth into place on the Facade.





Next, cut out the Entry Side Walls 1 and glue into one block of four and the Side Walls 2 into a block of two. Cut out Entry Steps A and B and cover them with their respective cover layers. Then glue Step B on top of Step A. Cut out your chosen door and the Entry Ceiling. Starting on the left, test fit the Entry side wall block of four. I had to reduce the thickness of my wall as the thickness of my card must have been too thick. Once you’re happy with the fit, glue the wall into place. Next glue the steps into place. Next glue the righthand side wall into place along with the ceiling. Once this all glued together, glue the completed Doorway Entry into place within the downstairs room.









Next align the top edge and glue the completed Facade onto the building. Making sure the steps line up. 




Cut out and glue Ledge 1 into place. 



Cut out the base of Ledge 2 and place in the centre of Ledge 2 cover layer. Don’t glue the ends yet. Glue the complete Ledge 2 into place along the top of the Facade. Wrap the loose edges around the side walls. 



With a new sharp blade, cut out and glue into place the Widow Surrounds. 



Cut out the elements for the Window Pediments, glue the Pediments into place above the windows and then glue the Pediment Caps into place.



Cut out the Frieze base layers next and glue onto a block of three. Cut out then wrap the Frieze cover layer over the block of three base. Cut out the Cornice and Architrave base and cover layers, the wrap the covers over the base layers. Glue the completed Cornice and Architrave elements over the Frieze. Glue the Frieze over the doorway. Then cut out the Cornice Flashing and glue over the top of the Frieze.







Then roof is next. Cut out the Roof base layer and all of the numbered Roof Tile strips. Starting with #1 glue the Roof tiles into place. Then trim off all of the excess.



Cut out both Roof Support 1 and 2 next. The glue into place. 



Once the glue is dry on the roof supports, test fit and glue the completed roof section into place. Then cut out and glue the Ridge Capping into place.



Next, cut out and glue into a block of four, the Chimney base pieces. While the glue is drying, cut out the Chimney cover layer and the Chimney caps A and B and wrap their cover layers around them. Wrap the Chimney cover layer around the Chimney base, the glue the completed Chimney structure into place on the rear of the roof.







Cut out and glue the Side Wall Capping into place. 



Cut out the Parapet base and cover layers and wrap the cover tightly around the base layer. The glue the Parapet Wall into position on the top of the building.  



Then finally cut out the Leader Heads and glue these into place.



And that’s another one done. 



The next one will be Facade A4.


Until Next Time……….



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