Thursday 2 November 2017

Modern Cargo Ship...............

After months of waiting, it finally got released, the new T030c Modern Cargo Ship from Scalescenes. This is one I've been eagerly waiting for. Ive built al of the T030a fishing boats, the T030b Clyde Puffer and built two of the T030 Cargo ships. One of the T030s built to spec and the other I kit bashed and made it into a more modern bulk carrier. This one is a little bit modern to go onto Wynyard lane but, I currently work at a port where we regularly discharge vessels of this type. So this one might just take pride of place on my widow sill in the office. It can be built in two different guises, it can be a general bulk carrier, with moveable hatch covers. Or it can be configured to be a costal container carrier. Im opting for the latter for now, simply because I have already made quite a substantial amount of containers in preparation (I may have had some insider information into what cargoes this ship might be carrying).
So here we go. Lets hope that I have enough space to build this, as it is almost one metre in length and that my tennis elbow doesnt flare up.
In the first couple of pictures, it shows just how little space I have at the moment and just how much there is of this kit.
Right lets ceremonially lay the keel. This is the sixth ship built in this ship yard. Ive read through the instructions, and there doesnt seem to be any out of the ordinary techniques. So hopefully this build should be plain sailing (pardon the pun).
Once the keel is sitting on a level surface, you start to fit the bulk heads to the centre section and fit it to the keel.
Not much done in this session, but hopefully Ill get a lot more done over the weekend.
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Mad Mary said...

Looking forward to seeing it progress Chris, always lovely seeing what you do xx

Mary x

SteveS@Bolton said...

Fantastic! Knew you’d be the first on it, Chris! I’ve downloaded mine in blue but haven’t even printed it yet! Looking forward to watching your build (but no pressure I hasten to add - don’t have a tennis elbow flare for your blog followers!)