Saturday 3 September 2016

Diorama Update...............

Here you go as promised, albeit a little late, the pictures of the row of ten T008 Low Relief Terraced Houses from Scalescenes, that I’m making for a 1950’s diorama. I know that there is a huge jump in the progress, but like I said in the previous post, I got a little carried away.
They will sit nicely with the row of eight T022a Terraced Houses. I’ve not decided on the final layout of the diorama yet but, I’ve got so many ideas running around my head. I think I need to jot down my ideas on a plan. The problem is, I think this diorama may become a bit bigger than what I intended it to be. I’ve been into the loft to see what I’ve got to go on the diorama, and I have got so many completed models, I may as well just make it on my layout. No, be strong, I will contain myself and build a small portable diorama.
Here are the two rows of houses sitting together for the first time. I’m not sure of the final positions yet, I just wanted to get a view of how they looked together.
Can I share with you a small tip I’ve found. I originally airbrushed grass onto the derelict gable end. I wasn’t quite happy with the final flat looking result, so I went off in search of something to use as grass. I found an old paint pad in my shed, and with a haircut and a bit of airbrushing, I’m pleased with the final result.
I think a small wall or a fence may be in order to finish it off.
Until Next Time................


Daisychain said...

Brilliant!!! The houses look so authentic. Reminds me so much of my first married home which was a terrace like these. Thanks so much for the great tip for grass. I do believe I have some of those pads lurking in the shed. Can't wait to see everything in it's final place.

Hugs Christine

David Smith said...

Very nice indeed!